KARTIER DAD CAPS / Limited to 10 pieces

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The motto of the young Swiss artist Felix Stöckle, born in Saing Gallen, is “Fake Be Real.” The inspiration for his caps came when he realized that many famous brands manufacture their products in close proximity to counterfeit items. Authentic products come at a higher cost, while the fakes are significantly cheaper, sometimes even a third of the price. Dyslexia plays a significant role in this theme, as misspelled brand names and counterfeit goods gain more quaint than the originals.

Felix meticulously hand-stitched the logo and theme onto this beige adjustable dad cap. The cap is produced by Switcher, a well-known Swiss brand from the 90s. He took his own artistic interpretation of how a logo from a famous Swiss watch brand could look, designing it in a unique way. Only ten of these caps will be available, and they won’t be individually numbered on the inside.

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