Patek Philippe Steel Pocket Watch / From mid 20th century

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Maker: Patek Philippe

Model: Pocket Watch

Year: mid 20th century

Serial: xxx

Material: Stainless Steel

Dial: Petite Seconde Off-White dial with gold Arabic numbers 3,9,12

Dimensions: Around 48mm

Crystal: Plexiglass

Box & Papers: None


Embark on a journey through time with the distinguished Patek Philippe pocket watch in steel, where every signature tells a tale of precision and refinement. If we delve into the evolution of its iconic insignia, the transition from the extensive “Patek Philippe & Co” or its variations to the concise “Patek Philippe” is marked by a defining era around 1949. Yet, keen eyes may spot instances of the abbreviated signature as early as 1943, notably adorning exclusive dials. This subtle shift, however, unfolded gradually, gaining prominence post-1949 when the succinct signature claimed its place. While the brevity brings a modern touch, connoisseurs often find themselves enamored with the charm of the original, extensive signature.

Reflecting on its inception, the brand underwent a series of nomenclatural transformations in its nascent years, incorporating “Cie” in its identity. The pivotal moment arrived in 1901 when Patek Philippe transformed into a public joint stock company with the esteemed title, “Ancienne Manufacture d’horlogerie Patek, Philippe & Cie, Société Anonyme.” Fast forward to 1947, the year of the gyromax balance patent application, and the company had evolved into “Manufacture d’Horlogerie Patek & Co. S.A.” The switch in nomenclature occurred somewhere between these significant milestones, possibly orchestrated by Henri Stern during the establishment of the Henri Stern Watch Agency in 1935.

Embodied in every tick and tock, the Patek Philippe Timepiece narrates a captivating story of innovation, elegance, and the timeless pursuit of horological excellence.

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