Collecting watches is not about how expensive a watch should be, but mainly about how much you enjoy wearing it on a daily basis. The watches shown are not the most expensive timepieces, but they have enough charm and design aspect to give you long-term pleasure.


his timepiece certainly has quite a history. First of all, it’s a 28.9 Omega chronograph. Probably one of the first chronographs Omega ever manufactured. There is no doubt that this is an extremely fine watch with plenty of charme. In fact, it was given to my grandfather on his 20th birthday, and it was a watch he always liked to wear on special occasions. Being a hard working gentleman, he always loved to combine this watch with perfect outfits. Sadly I didn’t get to meet him, but I had this wonderful piece to remember him by. Regrettably, the watch got flooded during a water anodization and made it look like this and let the whole movement rust. Even though it does not work, I still wear it.


he Tudor Ref. 79090, with it’s matt dial and Rolex case and parts, has all the energy of an 80’s Rolex diving watch. The first dial versions from the early 90’s have the T-Swiss-T under the triangle at six o’clock and are quite rarer. The aluminium bezel gives you the look of dry ink that will fade to a beautiful grey with time. The tritium dial has become creamy with time and the hands fit perfectly. The dial has lost its luminosity as the tritium no longer glows after 20 years. The bracelet is loose and gives you the charm of a vintage watch. The lugs are thick which makes it probably one of the best 79090 I have ever worn.

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