Michele Pitossi


ichele Pitossi is a young Milanese who works for Fortela in the services of Alessandro Squarzi. He always wears simple but timeless outfits. In the photo he was wearing an oxford white shirt in combination with raw jeans. These loafers are definitely the perfect complement to this look. You don’t have to follow trends, but you have to appreciate quality that lasts a lifetime. He definitely integrated this thinking into his style. The sunglasses are a classic, just as J. F. Kennedy used to wear them.  One of his main interests is always to discover the finest in a cloth or a type of style. So if you have time and you are in Milan, it is worth visiting him in the Fortela shop, he will certainly give you some hints where to find the good things that Milan can offer you. 

Michele Pitossi Rolex Explorer 2

One of his most significant acquisitions is certainly this lovely Rolex Explorer 2, which is a future classic. The reference 16750 features three different dial variants. On the one hand, there is the tritium dial, which was produced from the beginning to the end of the 90ies. On the other hand, the only Swiss dial in luminova was only produced during one year in 1999. The latest dial variant is the Swiss Made one in superluminova. He wears the latest version of the three dials. This Rolex Explorer 2 fits perfectly to his lifestyle. Young and ready to conquer the world.

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